Saturday, July 20, 2019


are the strongest,
as you can accomplish anything
that you wish to do

are the most wondeful soul,
as you can give love to every other soul
that lies in solitude

are the most fascinating one,
as you can create the saga of your life
that will be reminiscent

are the most precious,
as you have thoughts, beliefs, and actions
very unique

are so beautiful,
as you can be generous, helping and affectionate
to everything existing

are also furious soul,
as you have the power contend against
the beastly commotion
And hence you are magical,
for you hold everything that's meant to be good
Only if you mind to show it
Will it be the one that can be seen.

Everyone holds all these qualities, and hence we must believe that eveyone is made for the good being of everything else. Not even a single person born here is worthless.Every being masters cooking his/her own dishes. It can be the sweetest if you give your life to the well being, else it will be the most bitter if you give your life for a mischance. All this depends on only YOU.

Monday, April 22, 2019


The trapped life. Come out, let's walk, very far-
Into our own Solitude, to reap more on self that we seek. There's this whole lifetime to sacrifice, let's do it for ourselves for a while- not that of the petty wealth but that of some precious peaceful time.
Let's talk to self, sitting at a peaceful place, and learn of our good and bad. 
Let's realise that we are not bad, but we are unique in the very own way. 
Let's believe we are born to be loved, for all the people we met did love us at least once. 
Let's not even think of hatred, for it will always parasite our mind. 
Let's be kind to ourselves, and let go of things that bring grief so that we don't hurt ourselves. 
Let's be truthful and try not to believe in things that won't happen, as we can never lie to ourselves. 
Let us also have anger, that urges to fight when it comes to our respect, for it is the most important element of our life. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2019


How far do you think that you deserve? Maybe your thoughts of deserving expand a lot, maybe you can think beyond anything and everything for yourself, but you deserve everything in limits. There's a lot that you get but, sometimes it's the simplest of the things that you don't deserve.
 How profound love is..Love can be most vivdly and beautifully  created from within our souls,also it is something that can be given very selflessly and naturally, but not everyone deserves it from every other being.
Well, smiles and laughter the most contagious,keeps you peaceful whenever you let it out but,sometimes do not spread around very effectively. That's because deserving to smile through someone, for someone doesn't lie in everyone's fortune because you create hatred towards others that sometimes you even got to mask it.
Tears, they come to you at the smallest of the misfortunes. Well, they come out effortlessly but you don't deserve even these tears that you shed at times, because there lies no point to give them out even though you do, as your regret at times serve no purpose when everything is over.
Peace of mind, how can you deserve this when you don't have love, smiles and laughter and tears to shed with a purpose?

Thursday, December 27, 2018


Oh! you strive hard not to feel pain.

But how can you not?

There lies a heart in you as well.

Broken memories, promises, and dreams-

embossed in your brain,

Flow out from your eyes in vain.

Oh! this pain causes –

Outrage, despair, guilt

That makes you weep,

if not in physique

definitely at the heart within deep.

Oh! Do not suture this pain inside

As it shall reap hatred 

If you sow it inside.

Oh! Bring out the feelings-

Of pain, in a way 

That paves a way

for love,

at your heart always.

Saturday, October 27, 2018



I never know how to tell you how much I have loved and hated you. Each time you embrace me I've totally accepted you. Each time you've put me in a total absurd mindset I've tried to abandon you. You've been with me since my existence and will remain with me until I gradually obliterate. You've always been the reason for every little thing happening to me. You keep changing with time, for people, places, events and keep fostering my life. Even your slightest touch to my heedful mind fetches me an unforgettable memory for a better life. You serve me the most important lessons of life: love and respect. How do you even come back to me every time I try to abolish you after a bad incident? I discern you're always there within me, and you'll lead always me to a place, where you'd be already be there. 


Friday, May 25, 2018

One last time

It took 9 months to come up here,
It was one last time.

It took 30 days to be called a month old,
It was one last time.

It took around a year to be named for once,
It was one last time.

It took 3 years to join school first,
It was one last time.

It took 18 years to graduate for the first time,
It was one last time.

It took time to get the true soul mate for once,
It was one last time.

It took all this time to make life beautiful for once,
It was one last time.

And one day comes, where death is inexorable,
It is one last time

And there is the end of 'one last time'.

Friday, May 18, 2018

And it was the day when I visited an orphanage that showed me a wonder. Though it wasn't the first time I went there, it showed me a different world. In the world, that is developing every day there are kids who are helpless yet,  seem to be happy. Hundreds of kids in there were spending a beautiful summer day cleaning, laboring for themselves.They had no proper clothes, no entertainment, no choice in food. What struck to my mind was ,were they really happy being there doing all the work instead of playing and enjoying. Well, the second thought was,were they not cursing their guardians who were alive yet let them to that place. I didn't get any answers to these questions, but I had a feeling that whatever they had they loved it. The kids had a great bonding among themselves that made them a family. The love they had towards the place they were living in made them play and enjoy there.The kids had no complaints on the lifestyle they had, they had accepted things and had made a living.Yet, I had a thought on the second question that they might not feel bad at present but when they become mature enough the answer to the second one might turn out to be YES.

LOVE is something that comes very naturally to the things,people,places and time we're surrounded by.It is what makes us happy, and helps us to live. Yes, it is a W.O.N.D.E.R looking at those kids.

YOU are the strongest, as you can accomplish anything that you wish to do are the most wondeful soul, as you can give love to every o...